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The Composers Centre is based on an idea: that we all have a relationship with music and yet within the world of collaborative creation, music’s outcomes can suffer through lack of an adequate discourse. Being arguably the most abstract of art forms, music needs an enlightened approach.

The centre is geared towards anyone who would needs to be informed about music, particularly in the context of drama. Musicians need to learn about drama, and non-musicians need a way in to be able to discuss music.

How to think through music, and to talk about it
How to articulate between collaborators
How to build musical dramaturgy within the context of time based media
and how to discover one’s authentic voice.

The Composers Centre is a small intimate venue situated near to Leichhardt’s Italian Forum. Here you will find both the activities of a unique music school that specialises in compositional and theoretical subjects, and a production house for music and sound design for the theatre and screen.

The Centre continues research into the area of musical dramaturgy and supports mentoring relationships that will assist gifted composition students as they generate their own relationships with the film, television and theatre industries.